Standing in that doorway is something you might want to think about as well. Trying to unlock your front door while it’s raining, snowing, or sleeting on you is unpleasant to say the least, a door awning helps protect you from the elements. It also protects visiting guests while they wait for you to come open the door. Our unique screw-free glazing system prevents rain and dew from leaking through, so you stay comfortable and protected.

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Altair Door Awning

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1.5m - €580 Canopia Altair Door Awning Safe ultra-durable awning, designed to finely decorate and protect your entry way, doors and windows Aids in keeping your entrance clear and your door protected from rain Lifetime resilient glazing; does not fracture, become brittle or turn yellow over time Proprietary screw-free roofing assembly system, specially developed to prevent rain/dew leaks Anti-rust galvanized structure, specially engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions Clean-lined, classic design Friendly and safe DIY assembly kit Maintenance-free, built-to-last thanks to outstandingly durable materials Made with 100% recyclable materials